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Sam Mohan Lal
1.12.5. Kinship
The kin, properly speaking is not a group, but rather a system of social relationships based primarily on the biological fact of generation’ (Gisbert 1978. p.32). In a tribal society, an individual or a group of individuals gain entrance into the relationship of the other members through the address of one’s own presumptive kinsmen. In every community, different linguistic terminologies are in use to express various kinship relationships. Through such terminologies, love, affection, closeness and other human feelings are expressed. Even from the childhood, the infants internalise the affinity and attitude towards its kinsmen and express later the preconceived feelings through the linguistic expressions which express the relationship of a kinsman.
Many kinship terms are in use among Uralis. Some are used as a cover term to denote many relationships and some are very specific in nature and some are sarcastic in usage.
Followoing are some of the common kinship terms used to denote various kin relationships.
Term of Address Relationship Sex of the person who uses
1. pa:a great grand father M/F
2. pa:i great grand mother M/F
3. ayya grand father M/F
4. ette grand mother M/F
5. ammä father M/F
6. agvë mother M/F
7. acca father’s younger brother M/F
8. biliyammä father’s elder brother M/F
9. acci mother’s younger sister M/F
10.biliya:gvë mother’s elder sister M/F
11. ma:më father-in-law(coverterm).The relationship includes
i) one’s husband’s or wife’s father
ii) father’s sister’s husband
iii) mother’s brother’s wife






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