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Sam Mohan Lal
The Central Institute of Indian Languages entrusted with the development of Indian Languages has engaged itself in research, training and material production of Indian languages to facilitate their use in education, administration and mass communication. The research activities includes description of tribal and minor languages with the view to codify them and to have linguistic input to the educational material prepared in these languages, the institute also takes up such studies for their doctoral research.
The institution has started a series of its publication programme to publish doctoral dissertations of its staff whose subject matter falls within the objectives of the Institute. The present book " A Descriptive Analysis Of Urali " is one in this series. Besides linguistic description of phonological and morphological structure of this language and brief lexicon of it, the study gives ethonographic information of its community relating to their ethno history, kinship structure and rituals.
I hope that this book helps to further our linguistic knowledge of lesser known languages of this country and also to further socio-cultural development of this community.





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