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Sam Mohan Lal
A volume of this nature cannot be compiled without the help of cooperation, and valuable contribution of so many. While it will be impossible for me to acknowledge my deep gratitude to each and every one, I shall endeavour to place on record atleast some of them. The extensive field work involved in my work brought me in contact with many Uralis individually and led me to the homes of manu Urali family. The dialogue, conversations and interactions with these simple folks presented a kaleidoscope of information pertaining to their vocabulary, language and culture presenting an enchanting canvas of their life itself. The idiosyncrasies of the individuals and nuances of their expressions and opinions needed checking and rechecking for calrity, veracity and authenticity. Without their monumental patience and cooperation it would not have been possible for me to compile the valuable information on their vernacular and culture. I cannot forget Messers. Rasä, Ramä, Nanjä and Miss. Resi not only for their invaluable assistance in acquiring academic information, but also for their simple and warm hospitality in accomodating me in one of their huts during my stay in their hamlet.
My profound thanks and indebtedness to Dr.M.S.Thirumalai, Professor cum Deputy Director of Central Institute of Indian Languages who has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration to me from the very commencement of my task. He not only accompanied and helped me in my field work but also examined the voluminous data and manuscript at various stages of its compilation, and finally edited the works to give it, its present form. For the honour in making me eligible to join the rolls of eminent students from the desciplines of Linguistics and, Speech and Hearing, who have worked under Professor M.S. Thirumalai, I humbly dedicate this book to him.
I would also like to express my debt and gratitude to the many colleagues and friends who have helped me directly and indirectly in discussions, correspondance and in many other ways,especially Dr. N.Nadaraja Pillai, and Dr.G.V.Natarajan for spending their valuable time in very useful discussions.
I owe my thanks to the authorities of the Mysore University for permitting to print this book;to Dr.A.K.Srivatsa, the then Director in charge of the Central Institute of Indian Languages, for according permission to the CIIL press to undertake the printing work; to the Director Prof. E.Annamalai for the foreword and to Mr.S.B.Biswas, Manager of the Printing Press for the compilation of the work at the press.
I am grateful to my wife Mrs.Shanthi Mohan for her efficient help in indexing the vocabulary and for her constant encouragement especially at times of any set backs. I am also grateful to Mr.Paul for the perfect camera exposure of the art pull, to Mr. Y.T. Nagaraj and Mr.C.G.Manjunath for neatly composing the text and Mr.K.Srinivasa Charya for assisting in production of the work, and designing the cover and to Mr.H.L.N.Bharathi for looking after the other administrative procedures.
My thanks to Miss. Rekha Sharma for showing much concern and patience while going through the final proof. While I have placed on record my gratitude to all those who assisted me in my work with their invaluable help, I would like to absolve them of the responsibility for any error, deficiency or drawback in the analysis and hold only myself responsible for the same.





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