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The writer was in Nagaland on five occasions for ‘A Sociolinguistic Study of Nagaland with reference to its Inter-lingual Communication Pattern’. The Sema language data were also collected in the course of these visits. The Writer wishes to express his gratitude to the following persons for the help rendered.

1. To his informants : Shri Inai Sema, Teacher, Kohima, Shri J. Lozhevi Sema, Sema Language Officer, Directorate of Education, Kohima, Shri Avito Kibami, the then General Secretary, Naga Nationalist Organisation, Camp Zunheboto, Shri Vihoto Shempyo, Zunheboto, Shri Lukhase Sema, Zunheboto, Shri P. Sema, Zunheboto, Shri Sukhato Sema, Ashukille village, For their enthusiastic response to the writer’s demands on their time in eliciting the data.

2. To the officials of the State Government, particularly, the Director, the Deputy Director of Education , Shri R.. K. Sharma, the then Special officer, Textbook Production Branch, Directorate of Educaton, Kohima, D.I.S. Zunheboto, Shei Akho Chang, Naga Institute of Culture, Kohima, Prof. K.E.Thomas, the then principal, Cooperative Training Centre, Ghaspani and Shri A.K. Nair Dimapur, For kindly arranging physical facilities includung transport, board. lodg, etc.

3. Dr. D.P. Pattanayak, Director,CIIL, for the ovweall guidance and for the personal inteestin this Grammar. 4. Dr. E. ANNAMALAI, Deputy Director ans Dr. M. R. Ranganatha, Research officerCIIl, for the benifit of consultation and for the valuable suggestions in improving this Grammar.

5. The administrative staff includung the accounts departnent of the CIIL for their cooperation. It would have been impossible to undertake such an extensive tour without their cooperation.

6. Lastly to Shri K.V. Jagannath for typing the press copy, H.L.N. Bharati for seeing this Grammar through the press and the Manager Govt. of India Press, nasik-422 006, for the neat and prompt printing of this Grammar. Thanks are also due to my wife Sulochana Sreedhar, M.A. M. Ed.; for proof reading the type as well as printed version

March 12, 1977.
__M.V. Sreedhar.







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