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Word-medial position :-
            /p, t, k, q, b, d, g, c, m, n, , f, s, z, x, F, h, l, w, y/.

apa `a patch’
ata `sticking fluid’
akala `ladder’
aqąla `old road’
aba `excreta’
ida `paste’
khago `gate’
aca `word’
ama `son-in-law
ana `cooked rice’
aa `baby’
afo `elder sister’
asį `cooked meat’
aza `mother’
axa `crop seeds’
aFa `jungle’
aha `despair’
ala `gutter’
awa  `bear’
ayč `relation’

    Word-initial [p, ph, f]

[pś] /pś/ `bloom’
[phś] /phś/ `expose’
[fś] /fś/ `cook’

Word-medial [p, ph, f]

[apo] /apo/ `abdomen’
[apho] /apho/ `a heap’
[afo] /afo/ `elder sister’ The distribution of the positional variants of the consonants.
Unvoiced inspirited stops:The unvoiced unaspirated stops in Sema show a four-way opposition at the place of articulation. These are bilabial, dental, velar and post-velar. Each of these has an aspirated counterpart which is phonemically considered as a sequence of the concerned stop segment and /h/. Given below is a description of individual stops./p/. It is an unvoiced unaspirated bilabial stop. It does not have any perceptible positional variant. It does not occur at the word-final position. Given below are a few words showing the occurrence of this stop.

[p] [pa] /pa/ `he’
  [pé] /pé/ `carry on hand’
  [po] /po/ `ran’
  [pi] /pi/ `say’
  [^pipi] /apipi/ `debt’
  [^pu] /apu/ `father’
  [^pe] /ape/ `load’
  [^piti] /apiti/ `flesh’

/t/. It is an unvoiced unaspirated dental stop. It has two positional variants, viz., dental and alveolar stops. The alveolar stop [t] occurs before front vowels and the dental stop[t] occurs elsewhere. This phoneme does not occur in the word-final position. Given below are a few words to illustrate the occurrence o the phoneme.

[t] [ti] /ti/ `that’
  [i] /thi/ `die’
  [te] /te/ `to smear water’
  [tixe] /tixe/ `July’
  [^ti] /ati/ `kit’
  [^te] /ate/ `old’
  [^e] /ta/ `betray
[t] [ta] /ta/ `the action of rolling down the boulders with the help of  lever’
  [į] /thį/ `ignore’
  [tu] /tu/ `push’
  [^ta] /ata/ `sticking fluid’
  [^į] /athą/ `fat’
  [kitw] /kt/ `repeating the action
  [ki] /kith/ `three’
  [^to] /ato/ `hill’
  [^ņ] /athņ/ `fact’







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