The central institute of indian languages was set up on the 17th
july,1969, with a view to assisting and co-ordinating the development of indian languages. The institute was charged with responsibility of serving as nucleus to bring together all the reasearch and litereary output from the various lingusitic streams to a common head and narrowing the gap between bsic reserach and developmental research in the fields of languages and linguitics in India.

The Institute and its four Regional Language Centers are thus engaged in research and teaching which lead to the publication of a wide-ranging variety of materials. Preparation of materioals designed for teaching/Learning ar different levels and suited to specific needs is one of the major areas of interest of the Institute. Basic research relating to the acquistion of language and study of language in its manifold psycho-social relations constitute another broad range of its interest. The publication will include materials produced by the members of the staff of the Central Institute of Indian Kanguages and its Regional Language Centres and associated scholars from universities and institutions, both Indian and foreign.

The Central Insitute of Indian Languages has initiated the Grammer series in non-literate languages in particlar presenting a description of every such languge in the sub-continent. This is undertaken with a view to producing instructional materials necessary for learning and teaching the language concerned. It is also expected to be of synchronic and diachronic study of languages,

If these materials help solving problems, both individual and corporate, and help in understanding the people speaking the language, then our efforts will be deemed to have been amply rewarded.







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