The materials presented for the description and analysis of Purki language were primarily collected from the speech of Mr. Abdul Hamid Tanveer B.A., B.Ed., Kargil during my field work in 1971, 72, and 75. The data collected were compared and checked with the speech of Mr. Kachoo. Habibullah Khan and Mr. Mohammed Ali Wazir B.Sc
The variety under analysis was treated as one of the dialects of Balti language. This was done on the basis of the report of the Pilot Survey conducted in Ladakh district in 1970. The phonetic reader was published under the title of Bali language. Grierson (1971 : 42-50) identified this variety as Purik, a name derived from its geographical regin. The decision to label the variety under analysis as Purki language is taken because the people insist that the variety they speak in Purki. The data utilised for the Reader and Grammar are same.
I,am thankful to my information Mr. Abdul Hamid Tonveer B.A., B.Ed., Mr.Kachoo. Habibullah khan and Mr. Mohammed Ali Wazir B.Sc., without whose co-operation I could not have finished this work.
I must express my thanks to Mr. Noor Mohammed Planning Commissioner, Mr.P.A. Sharma, Under Secretary for Ladakh Affairs, Mr. Vaishnavi, former Under Secretary for Ladakh Affairs, Jammu and Kashmir Govt. and other State Government officials in Ladakh district without whose co-operation the field work, could not have been done smoothly.
I would like to extend my thanks to my friends Mr. Iqbal B.Sc, State Bank of India, Kargil and Mr. Mohammed Shafi M.A. formerly Deputy Superidendent of Police at Leh for the help they extended during my field work.
I must express my thanks to Dr.D.P. Pattanayak, Director, CIIL, Mysore for the acadamic atmosphere he keeps and the encouragement he gives.
I am grateful to Dr. E. Annamalai, Deputy Director, CIIL.' Mysore for the guidance and supervision of this work and to Dr. H.S. Biligiri, former Deputy Director, CIIL, Mysore who supervised my work in its early stage.
My thanks should go to my friends Mr. N. Ramaswamy, Dr.M.S.Thirumalai, Deputy Director, Dr.B.B.Rajapurohit and Mr. S. Arokianathan who spared their time to discuss some of the problems which I encountered during the writing of this Grammar. I am thankful to Mr. Ananda Raj, CIIL, Mysore for helping me when I prepared the manuscript for the press.
My thanks go to Miss. N.K. Rukmini and Mr. Gopal for the neat typing.
Finally I would like to express my thanks to Mr. H.L.N. Bharati, CIIL, Mysore who saw this Grammar through the press and M/s. Sri Raghavendra Printers, Mysore, for their sincere efforts for a neat and quick printing of this Grammar.




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