V1V2 where V1 is high back rounded vowel /u/
- ui phrui ‘of doll’
- ua zgua ‘distribute’

1.5.2. Consonants Initial
There are two consonant as well as three consonant clusters in the initial position. We shall call them CC type and CCC type clusters respectively. As the first member of CC type, stops, fricatives, nasals, lateral and trill sounds occur. Affricates and semivowels do not occur as the first member of CC type clusters. As the second member, lateral, trill and semivowels occur when the stops occur as the first member. When the first member is a fricative, stops, affricates, nasals, lateral, trill and semivowels occur. The nasals do not occur with other sounds except with semivowels. Stops and affricates alone occur as the second member when the lateral is the first member of CC type. The trill sound occurs with stops, affricates, fricatives and semivowels as the first member. In the initial position, one significant feature that is to be noted is the nonoccurrence of identical consonant clusters. The stop sounds do not occur with stop sounds. Similarly fricatives do not occur with fricative sounds and lateral with lateral sound and so on.
     The various combinations may be shown as
Stops { Trill }


{ Lateral }
{ Semivowels }
Fricatives { Stops }
{ Affricates }


{ Nasals }
{ Lateral }
{ Trill }
{ Semivowels }
Nasal + Semivowels
Lateral   { Stops }
{ Affricadtes }

{ Stops }
{ Affricates }
Trill + { Fricatives }
{ Semivowels }


Pr-  pramizot  ‘naughty’
py- pya:da ‘infantry’
phr- phrin ‘message’
phy- phyoqs  ‘partiality’
br-  bruk ‘thunder’
by byamo ‘hen’
tr- tra ‘cage’
tw-  twaq ‘gun’
ty tyaq ‘stage’
thy- thyaqpa ‘endure (suffering)’
dr- drin ‘today’
dw dwa:ba ‘bless’
ty- tyanmo ‘lame’
dr-  dra:ma ‘drama’
dy- dyan*gu ‘pandal’
kr- krisi ‘line’
kw- kwa  ‘cow’s skin’
ky- kyoqce ‘teapoy’
khr- khri ‘king’s throne’
khy- khyonma ‘bring’
gl- gluwan ‘scarf’
gr- grip ‘shade’
gw- gwa ‘go’
gy- gyotpa ‘sorrow’
sp- spulu ‘feather’
st- ston ‘autumn’
st- stanu ‘cane’
sk- skin ‘deer (male)’








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