1. hindusta:n atiphayal in. 2. ata

India our motherland is we

saq hindusta:ni-ya skespin. e. hindusta:n

all India in born-were India

are a:za:t yul-čik in. 4. a:gasti

now free country-one is August

čora sana sto-čik-na rgup-gya-na

fifteen year thousand-one-and nine-hundred-and

˛ipču zabrudun-la hindusta:n a:za:t somi

forty seven-in India free go-past

5. dopa snanla hindusta:n agere:zi yora

that before India British under

yotpin. 6. dare hindusta:ni-ka ata rai

was. now India-in we ours

hukumat yot 7. hindusta:ni-ya, hindu.

government is India-in Hindus,

musalma:n, bot-na krista:n saq

Muslims, Buddhists-and Christians all

ukpat. 8. ata saq phono cogs in.

live. we all brothers like are.

9. ata susu ta mi-čha rgos

we each(other) quarrel not-go should

10. ata hindusta:ni in. 11. hindusta:n nati in.

we Indian-of are India ours is

1. India is our motherland. 2. We all were born in India. 3. India is a free-country now. 4. India became free on August fifteenth, nineteen forty seven. 5. Before that India was under British (rule). 6. Now our government is in India. 7. In India, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians all live. 8. We all are like brothers. 9. We should not quarrel among us. 10. We are Indians. 11. India is ours.

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