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The portions of Phonology and Morphology were completed under Senior Research Fellowship of University Grants Commission at Magadh University, Bodhgaya, in 1966. the author is very much thankful to both the UGC and the Magadh University for having provide the opportunity.

The author is indebted to Dr. D.P. Pattanayak. Director Central Institute of Indian Languages for providing facilities for completing the portion of Syntax and thus for fulfilment of a long standing desire to bring out the Mundari Grammar. Dr. E. Annamalai, Deputy Director, has done a tough job of going through line by line of the whole manuscript and giving valuable suggestions. However, the author owes every responsibility for any mistakes and is answerable for them.

The author must thank very sincerely Mr. Turendra Mundu, Headmaster, Anigana Middle School, Khunti, Ranchi, who put in great labour as informant and interpreter. Je owes obligations also to Mr. Bhim Singh Munda and Mr. Dulai Chand Munda. The author will remain ever indebted to his wife Mrs. Kalyanee Sinha for all her endurance and greatest Co=operation throughout this work over a number of years, without which the work could not have seen the light of the day.

Last but not the least the author is extremely thankful to Mr. H.L.N. Bharati for taking personal pains and care in seeing that the book gets published within stipulated time.

N.K. Sinha





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