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   This work is the product of two field works in Arunachal Pradesh.The data were mainly supplied by Ms.Bimla Chai, Ms.Aruna Basumatari,and Ms.Dici Mihu. Mr.Akhil Chandra Boro did an excellent job of interpreting.

   Mr.I.A.Khan,I.A.S.,Deputy Commissioner and Mr.P.Bhaskara Rao,Executive Engineer of the Lohit District,provided the basic infrastructure needed to conduct the field work.

   Dr.E.Annamalai,Director,supervised the work from its inception.I have received helpful comments on draft chapters from several people including Dr.M.R.Ranganatha and Dr.M.V.Sreedhar.

   Mr.M.G.Kanakaram,Asst.Director(Admn.),was instrumental in hastening the printing of this book as well as the Phonetic Reader.Mr.V.Gopal,type-composed the manuscript impeccably.My colleagues in the CIIL press did an excellent job of printing it.

   All these people deserved much thanks;and no blame for the gaps and errors which remain.
                                                                                          -- G.Devi Prasada Sastry.





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