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(3) Relative Clause on the Dative NP :


 /h1    jyinad2    kitab3
  I-Nom cousin-Dat book-Acc
  give-Hab (1Sg)
  `I1    give  a   book3 to  my  cousin2


 /jyina1   hi2   bóą3/
cousin-Nom forest-Dat go-Hab (3Sg)
  `cousin1    went3    to    forest2

we can generate the structure (298). The lower NP is deleted because it forms part of a topic chain.

Given the two sentences


/h1    hi2   bóyą3   jyinad4
  I-Nom forest-Dat go-T cousin-Dat
  kitab5      hade6/
  book-Acc give-Hab (3Sg)

  `I1 give6 the book5 to (my) cousin4
  (who) does3  to  the  forest2

3.8.  Subordination
Subordination is the process by which a simple sentence is nominalized to function as a satellite to another simple sentence. Two distinct subordination processes are possible.
Implication :
Sequences of two sentences, where one is a natural consequence of the other or is performed as a necessary preliminary to the other are in what is called an implicative relation. That is the VC of one sentence implicates the other. The process is marked by the VC in the implicated sentence taking the inflexion /-gõ/ in place of tense inflexion. The process is possible only if the sequence forms a topic chain. Given the two sentences


 /n1    tįphra  bóde3/
  we-Nom river-Dat go-Hab) lp1)
  `we1    go3    to  the  river2


 /ni1    a2   róde3/
  we-Nom fish-Acc catch-Hab (lp1)
  `we  catch3    fish2
  we can generate two structures.


/n1    tįphra2    bóyągõ3
  we-Nom river-Acc/Dat go-CF-Imp1
  ´a4 róde5/
  fish-Acc catch-Hab (lP1)
  `we1  catch5  fish4 by going3 to the river2

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