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pr phr kr khr
vprō kņphr nĭkrį nĶ cĢkhrī
‘venus’ ‘reflection’ ‘lime stone’ ‘air’
tōprī sphrō šīkrī īkhrō
‘kitchen’ ‘kind of tree ‘cigarette’ ‘1. valley
  with long-   2. plane’
  stalked leaves’    
prōcōŏ   rĢkr ōkhró
‘fern’   ‘female’ ‘moon’
    [used of birds]  
prąkró phró krśnī khrņniě
‘forehead’ ‘be full’ ‘be funny’ ‘crescent moon’
    tōkrū khrō
    ‘be high’ ‘be hard’

Mao Naga Contrastive Sounds



This chapter depicts the phonemic status of the different speech sounds and tones of Mao which have been described in the previous section. By phonemic status is meant the distinctive function a speech sound or tone performs of keeping words [with their meanings] apart. The contrastive pairs given below demonstrate the phonemic status of the sounds concerned. Tones, vowels and consonants are dealt with in that order.

The tones from high through low are symbolised in order by acute, breve, macron and grave marks.
ō ‘female pudendum’
ōmŏ ‘brother-in-law’
ōmō ‘pumpkin’
ō ‘1. crops [generic]
  2. kindoffeathered biped’
dz ‘coax, cajole, wheedle [as children]’
[osa] dz ‘be short’
mo-dz ‘lay eggs’
dz ‘cut bamboo’
‘1.  cut hair Naga style
  2. feed animals while rearing
  3. cut off the top of a gourd to convert it into a container’
hŭ ‘sing while working’
hū ‘cover’
‘1.dig               2. chase’
ō ‘muscle’
ōkŭ ‘measure of length, the distance between the tip of thumb and the little finger stretched outwards’
ōkū ‘long flexible smooth feather at the rump of a cock’
ō ‘squirrel-like animal with three lines running along its body, to kill which is a social honour’
ōpr ‘danger’
ōpr ‘pod’
ōpr ‘bridge’
ōpr ‘1.spleen           2. needle’
Grammatical Tone
Distinctions of a grammatical nature could be functions of tone
mōz      ‘to urinate’
mōz             ‘urine’
‘to itch’ [vi] cār ‘be thirsty’
mō ‘itch’ [n] cār ‘thirst’
ca pī-ha ‘give tea’ [speaker-exclusive]
ca pī-ha ‘give tea [speaker-inclusive]
į mā ‘to swell’ [vi] ą ‘to rest’ [vi]


‘swelling ; boil’










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