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1. kchy- ykchyà across
2. -mky-  rmkyón  policeman
3. -npy- ssánphy butterfly
4. -nphy- chónphyálì clay
5. -nthy- khnthyù brinjal
6. -phy- lphyáò serpent goured
7. -kv- hùkvì evidence
8. -khv- khkhvì singer
9. -khv- khkhv to carve a figure
10. -khy- vókhyù to torture

There are only few three-consonant clusters in Lotha. These clusters occur only in the initial and medial positions. Lotha does not have final consonant clusters.


In this chapter of Morphophonemics, alternant of morphemes when they occur with the various kinds of suffixes are discussed. When the alternants of morphemes occur with various kinds of affixes, phonological variations take place within the allomorphs of a morpheme. Morphophonemic's deals with such phonological variations.

Most of the examples under morphophonemic rules refer to deletion. There are two types of deletions viz., (i) Deletion of a syllable (ii) Deletion of a consonant.

  Deletion of a syllable :

  1. Classifier ‘o’ is deleted when it is preceeded by the genitive form of the pronoun as:  
  o ® f / a
         mpo etc.


  1. pó father  
         pó my father  
         npó your father  
       mppó his father  
        ntpó their father

  2. ‘house’ my house  
       nkì your house
     mpkì his house
      nttheir house







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