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Of the above, pene ‘some’, mena an ‘many’ and kadukave ‘all’ also occur as nouns, the first two forms meaning ‘something’.
3.2.3. Cases
There are eleven semantic cases in Karbi, viz., nominative, instrumental associative, accusative, dative, purposive, genitive, locative, allative, ablative and intrusive. The nominative is unmarked. The locative and allative are sometimes marked. The instrumental, intrusive, associative and ablative have the same surface form -pen. The accusative, dative and purposive have the same form -phan. All the cases except the genitive is prefixed to the noun. Moreover whereas all the cases except genitive show the relationship between the noun and the predicate, the genitive shows the relationship between two nouns.
The nominative is the case of the surface object of a sentence. It is not marked.
ne pa pe?er ‘I red the cloth’
na la iloknon ‘you break it’
The instrumental is the case of the instrument with the help of which the action mentioned by the verb is performed. It is expressed by the suffix -pen.

                                      ne kolompen-chi tok

                                      ‘I write with a pen’

                                     ari arvi-pen-chi alali ketok

                                     ‘he writes with left hand’

                                     phunu tari-pen rotnon

                                     ‘cut the banana with a knife’

The associative case expresses the accompaniment of a person or an animal with the subject in doing the action mentioned by the verb. -pen and loare the two markers of this case.

                                    la-pen na corapnon

                                   ‘you eat with him’

                                   ne na-pen vapo

                                  ‘I will come with you’

                                   komatchi neli-pen kelunji

                                  ‘who will sing with me?

                                   la ne-pen vapo ]

                                   la ne-lo nadunpo ]

                                   ‘he will come with me’

                                  methan nelo nadunlo

                                  ‘the dog came with me’

logot, ri, chaho and ri chaho are the other forms used to express this case.

                                 ne nalogot va

                                ‘I will come with you’


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