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hom and dop are used with nouns meaning ‘packet’.
ahom  ‘cover’
adop ‘packet, small box’
chigaret e-hom ‘one packet of cigarettes’
chigaret e-dop ‘one packet of cigarettes’


jir is used with nouns ‘chain necklace’ and ‘story’ which are a small or short and sequential or continuous.
jir ‘line, sequence’
lek jir-ni ‘two small chain necklaces’
tomo i-jir ‘one continuous story’

tha is used with the noun ‘story’ which is short and about incidence, etc.

tomo e-tha

‘a short story about incidence,etc.

chon is used to denote ‘kind’ with nouns.
chon ‘kind’
tomo echon ‘one kind of story’

Adjectives may be classified into two types viz., primary and deived. In Karbi, most of the adjectives can precede or follow the noun.

The primary adjectives are mostly loan words.
dhuni amonit
lubi amonit
‘greedy person’
mani amonit


‘famous person’
duchto amonit
‘wicked person’
chot amonit
‘wise person’


gyani amonit
‘wise person’
monit calay
‘funny person’
calay amonit
‘funny person’

The derived objectives are derived by adding the adjectival prefixes ki-, ke-, ka- to the verbal roots. These forms are morphologically conditioned.
duk ki-duk
‘be poor’
thi ki-thi
me ke-me
‘be good’
phik ki-phik
‘taste like raw ‘tasty’
thor ke-thor
‘be sour’
dok ke-dok
‘be sweet’ ‘sweet’
ardi kardi
‘be heavy’


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