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The innumerable tribal languages of the North-east have been engaging the attention of the Central Institute of Indian Languages from its very inception in 1969. The Phonetic Readers. Grammars and Dictionaries of a large number of languages have already been prepared and published. Dr. M.R. Ranganatha, a former RRQ had undertaken the field work for collecting data for' mar language. As he was drafted for some other project of greater importance he could not do much about it.

The senior author of this book had the occasion to work with the Board of Secondary Education, Assam and came across the primary text books in Hmar. There he met the other author and both decided to work for the promotion and development of Hmar language. Thereafter in a series of workshops held for analysing various aspects of the languages of the North-east other Hmar scholars participated. The basic data were collected from these scholars. Subsequently both undertook extensive field work and collected further data for writing this grammar.

It is hoped that this grammar would go a long way in standardizing the language and would serve as a strong supporting material for writing textbooks and dictionaries in the language.

It is possible that some inadvertent errors have crept in. Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome from the readers and scholars of the language for removing the shortcomings in the future edition. The authors firmly believe .that there is no final version of a good book; a good book is atways subject to revision and improvement.


        1st Dec 1996

                       P .N. DUTTA BARUAH      
                       V. L. T. BAPUI







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