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adj adjective
adv adverb
agt agent
all alltive
aux auxiliary
c consonant
comp compliment
conn connector
dp demonstrative pronoun
gl gloss
Eng English
fut future
Imp Imperative
loc locative
N noun
NP noun phrase
obj object
p person
1p first person
2p second person
3p third person
pl plural
pp post position
pt past
pr pronoun
qunt quantity
s sentence
s2 sub-sentence
sec section
sg singular
sub subject
uv unvoiced
v vowel
vd voiced
VP verb phrase



( ) optional occurrences of the element within it
0 zero, absence of marker
+ presence of element
- absence of element
/ / phoneme, morpheme, sentence occur within it
[ ] allophone occurs within it
> becomes
< comes from
~ in variance with







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