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9.2. Bound Clitics
9.2.1. -cor
       This indicates quality occuring after demonstratives and interrogatives.
a-cor ‘that type, that much’
i-cor ‘this type, this much’
ba-cor ‘which type, how much?’
       The above forms freely vary with a-con, i-con and ba-con without any change in the meaning.
9.2.2. -ta:l
       This alos gives the meaning of ‘type of, kind of occurring after demonstrative and interrogatives.
a-ta:l ‘that type of, that kind of’
i--ta:l ‘this type of, this kind of’
ba-ta:l ‘what type of, what kind of’
9.2.3. -na:l
       This bound clitic indicates quality occurring after ah-, ih- and bah- the allomorphs of the demonstratives and interrogatives.
ah-na:l lo:n ‘that kind of house’
ih--na:l lo:n ‘this kind of house’
bah-na:l lo:hk ‘what kind of houses?’
9.2.4. -ske:
       Indicates the time or moment.
a-ske: ‘at that time’
i-ske: ‘at this time’
ba:-ske: ‘when’
aske ma: hao:m ‘then we went’
nima: baske: wa:tti:? ‘when did you come?’
9.2.5. -hen
       It is a clitic of manner occurring after the demonstrative and interrogative.
a-hen ‘in that manner’
i-hen ‘in this manner’
ba-hen ‘in which manner’
nan: ahen ki:ta:n ‘I did in that manner’
wo:r ihen tittu:r ‘he ate in this manner’
behen wo:r wa:tur: ‘how he came?’
       The above said forms could also be replaced by the manner adverbs like, adram ‘in that manner, idram ‘in this manner’, badram ‘in which manner?’ without any change in the meaning.
9.2.6. -e:
       This bound clitic functions as an intensifier giving the meaning of ‘only, at all, anything’, etc.
nana: punno:n-e: ‘I do not know at all’
ma: wa:tto:m-e: ‘we did come’
iccon-e: ‘only this much’
accon-e: ‘only that much’
       -e: also gives an emphatic meaning when occurring after personal pronouns.
nanna:y-e: ua:n ‘I myself drank, only I drank’
ma:e: uo:m ‘we ourselves drank, only we drank’
wo:r-e: uu:r ‘he himself drank, only he drank’
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