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3. Adjectives

     Adjectives do not have a marker. However, the degrees of comparison are marked morphologically on the adjectives by adding the sufixes /-pa/ and /-tipa/ to indicate the comparative and superlative degrees respectively. The class of adjectives can thus be defined on the basis of the addition of the comparison markers.
                    talà                                ‘tall’
                    talà-pa                            ‘taller’
                    talà-tipa                          ‘tallest’
   pá          k             tanui            talàpa       ‘he is taller than me’
   he          me             than                taller
   lá           n            tanui             tàcópa      ‘she is better than you (sg.)’
   she         you           than                 better
   India       nu           calcutta            imti            tu?lutipa
  India         nu            imti                 tu?lutipa     calcutta        ‘Calcutta is the biggest
  India         in               city                biggest       calcutta        city in India’





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