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1. The People: The Ao-Nagas are largely found dwelling on the high hills of the Mokokchung District of Nagaland. They are the dominant group in this district and the second largest linguistic group in the state of Nagaland.The total population of Aos is about 64,462 (census:1971).The principal villages of the Ao community are melongyimsen, Longpa, Mopangchukit, Ungma, Tuli and Changki.The Ungma village is the largest Ao settelment. Most of the Aos are Christians.The Impur Christian center near Mokokchung (District Headquarters) is their main religious centre.Illiteracy is relatively low among the Aos.

2. The Language: Ao is one of the Naga group of languages of the Tibeto-Burman language family. It has several dialects of which Chungli, Mongsen and Changki are the prominent ones.The chungli dialect is spoken in Melongyimsen, Mopongchukit and Longpa more or less exclusively. The Mongsen dialect is spoken in the Mokongtsu village (about 2 km from the Mokokchung town).The Changki dialect is spoken in the Changki village.In some villages like Longsa, Longkong, Ungma, Tuli, Chakpa, etc., both Chungli and Mongsen dialects are spoken. All the three dialects are spoken in the Mokokchung town. The Chungli dialect is accepted as the standard dialect of Ao. All the printed works of the Ao language are in this dialect. The present analysis is based on this dialect.
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